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Delivery Instructions

*Failure to complete any of the required steps or provide all necessary information will result in any damage claims being denied. If a shipment is refused by the customer, the delivery company will take the items and any damage claims will be denied. Customers will also be charged additional shipping fees to return the item back to the original delivery address.

*Pictures must be clear and readable, blurry images will not be accepted resulting in damage claims being denied. 

Delivery Instructions

  1. Inspect all packaging & photograph damage before opening

*Take photos of any external dents, holes, scrapes, tears, etc.

  2. Unpackage & Inspect

*If there is damage, please fill out the form below...

Damage Claim Form

Damage Claim Instructions (All Information is REQUIRED)

  1. DO NOT refuse the delivery, keep the item 

  2. Write “damaged” on the BOL (Bill of Lading/delivery paperwork) next to the item that was damaged

  3. Take pictures of the…

  • Signed BOL with documented damage

  • Damaged Packaging (external dents, holes, scrapes, tears, etc. that were present before item was unpackaged)

  • Shipping Labels (photograph all labels on the packaging)

  • Damaged Item (2 picture minimum; entire product & close up of damage)

  4. Email all information & photographs to within 24 hours of your delivery 

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